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Acrylic Food Packaging Box, Food Box,Strawberry Box

What kind of material is the box to choose? Plastics and wood are the most common in the market. Plastics, although cheap, are not high-end, and most of them are open molds. It is not worthwhile to make a large amount. Home storage box, gift storage box, we recommend acrylic material, environmentally friendly high-grade, can customize the style, but also print logo, have a good publicity effect!

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Acrylic Food Packaging Box, Food Box,Strawberry Box

  • Acrylic food packing box

  • Color: Clear

  • Ginseng and Trepang packing box

  • Material: Acrylic plastic

  • With magnet cover

 acrylic food packaging box, food boxacrylic food packaging box, food box



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