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9 Roses In Acrylic Box, Preserved Flower Box

High-grade imported crystal transparent acrylic plate, various colors can be customized (not ordinary organic glass raw materials). Crystal transparent (customizable according to customer requirements of different colors).   Received the product will tear the original protective film (to prevent the impact of the surface scratches caused by transport, so the factory does not tear the protective film, the pro who received the tear on their own, it is simple!

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9 Roses In Acrylic Box, Preserved Flower Box

9 Roses in acrylic box, Preserved Flower Box

Brighten someone special's day with one of our acrylic box, and the rest of the day is a breeze. This one is not so shy- the clear box seemingly suspends nine roses in air, for all to see. Simply a show-off piece that anybody will instantly admire and notice.

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