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Acrylic Processing Notes
Sep 29, 2017

1, renewable raw materials than the new material is more soluble in organic solvents, resulting in the painting often appear silver cracks, the general solution has the following three methods:

One, the selection of acrylic pigments (resin), this in the general art shop can be bought.

Second, the selection of amino paint, this in the general chemical store can be bought.

Third, after the paint to finish polishing treatment.

2, for the acrylic surface some minor scratches or less obvious damage treatment, generally used sandpaper wet sanding, in the polished sandpaper to be circular, sandpaper fineness to gradually increase to more than 600 mesh, the final use of toothpaste rub can.

3, the plate with static electricity easy to attach to dust, in the silk screen or paint before the use of suede or stained with 1% soap water soft cloth wipe clean, to achieve the effect of cleaning.

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