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Bring nature back home - Xin Liang home acrylic wall mounted fish tank, welcome to order, quality and cheap
Jun 02, 2018

In the 21st century, keeping pets is a trend and a joy of life. Fish farming is a convenient and fast way. Even 3-year-old children love fish, and 10-year-old children are experts in fish farming. In the process of fish farming, the choice of fish tank is undoubtedly a very important link. Glass fish tanks are crumbly and bulky, and acrylic fish tanks are favored by consumers. Children keep fish safer and lighter.


1》 Features of Xinliang Home Acrylic Wall Hanging Fish Tank

      Acrylic fish tank is transparent and light, it can be considered a high-grade aquarium supplies. The cylinder body is completely transparent, beautiful, and seamless, and is more ornamental and safer than ordinary organic glass fish tanks. Acrylic products have high transparency and light transmittance of nearly 92%. There is a "plastic crystal" reputation. And have excellent weather resistance. Especially used outdoors, this is unmatched by other rubber products. Acrylic products also have a good hardness and gloss, plasticity is also very large, can be processed into a variety of styles. Acrylic processing can be made into various shapes for consumers to choose.

     Here's a brief introduction of several advantages of the acrylic fish tank

 1, Acrylic fish tank weather resistance and acid and alkali performance, not easy to be sunburn was corroded.

 2, Acrylic fish tank insulation performance is excellent, can protect the fish from current damage.

 3, Acrylic fish tank light transmission, the required light intensity is small, save energy, but also make the fish in a good environment.

 4. Acrylic fish tank has strong impact resistance, which is 16 times that of ordinary glass. It is safer and safer to use.

 5, Acrylic aquarium long life, compared with other materials fish tanks, life expectancy is more than three years, saving money.

 6, Acrylic own weight is very light, half lighter than ordinary glass, buildings and stents bear a small load, easy to move transposition.

 7, acrylic fish tank colorful, high brightness, highly ornamental, other materials can not be compared to the United States.

 8, Acrylic fish tank plasticity, shape change, easy molding, can be processed into various shapes as required.

 9, easy to maintain, easy to clean, rain can be naturally clean, or scrub with soap and a soft cloth that is.

 10, the wear resistance of acrylic board to take aluminum on the verge of, it is not regularly resistant to corruption of a variety of teaching.

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