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Clever knowledge of genuine acrylic products
Sep 29, 2017

The quality of acrylic materials made of acrylic products in a period of time will appear deformed, yellowing pan-black and so on, may also be processed into defective, so said a good acrylic material determines the quality of a product, today to teach you to identify true and false acrylic products.

1. Observation method. Observe the characteristics of acrylic's own material. In the purchase of acrylic products to see if the acrylic board has faded or gloss is not high quality, of course, we can also look at acrylic products to see whether or not the actual situation of acrylic plate to determine whether it is the normal acrylic products.

2. Hot Melt method. The quality of acrylic material after hot melt will stick together difficult to separate, good quality will not be so, it can also be through the hot melt method to identify true and false acrylic products.

3. Light Transmittance method. The white light through the light through the acrylic plate, if found yellow or blue color on the show that acrylic quality may not be positive, because the acrylic plate has a high transmittance and through the light is white, will not absorb other light color.

4. Combustion method. With a small piece of acrylic finished combustion test, if suddenly burning up on the show that this acrylic product is poor, bad. Of course, if more valuable things can not be burned casually oh.

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