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Four secrets of improving the grade of acrylic cosmetics display frame
Sep 29, 2017

1. In the production and use of cosmetics display frame products, lighting problems need to be paid attention to. Lighting problems can help you improve the level of cosmetics display, improve the level of cosmetics display, so as to attract customers eye.

2. Many people know that natural light is the best source for use in cosmetic display racks, but in the mall, the natural light source often can not reach the user's request, then needs to use the Acrylic cosmetics display frame the light, the market lamp has many kinds, needs us to understand these light characteristic, then according to the cosmetics color and the characteristic to choose , reasonably installs the light source of the cosmetics display frame.

3. According to a study by foreign psychologists, the excessive intensity of light, especially the glare of light, can make customers feel restless. Therefore, we need to pay attention to this point in the process of making use of cosmetics display frame and jewellery display frame. In the selection of cosmetics display frame light source, as far as possible to choose a soft, not dazzling light source, so that customers have a comfortable feeling, in order to play the biggest role of cosmetics display frame.

4. The lighting problem of the cosmetics display frame will affect the display effect of the goods, which is one of the important factors of competition, so do not neglect the function of the lighting in the process of making use of the cosmetics display frame. If the cosmetics display shelf, using lights to decorate, not only the lighting effect to attract customers eyeball, but also can improve the store's customer browsing volume, thereby improving the turnover rate.

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