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How to choose a good acrylic display rack?
Sep 29, 2017

First, pay attention to acrylic's transmittance. The test method is simple, first we use a pure white paper in the back of acrylic, and then we see if it is clear, if through the acrylic look at that piece of paper a bit yellow feeling, then this acrylic is the less of the kind of acrylic, if the look through acrylic very clear, see the paper did not change color, Then it is better acrylic.

Second, pay attention to the polished acrylic. Acrylic products After laser cutting if there is no polishing treatment will leave the cut marks, feel very rough, can be differentiated by hand.

Third, note the adhesion of acrylic. Acrylic display frame bonding good or bad affect the overall appearance of acrylic display frame, see whether the formation of acrylic bonding, note whether there is glue overflow, whether there are bubbles and so on.

Four, pay attention to acrylic silk screen. In the acrylic display frame above screen printing pattern or logo must observe the screen printing content is clear and delicate, you can use the hand to gently dig, but do not try too much to avoid scraping compensation.

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