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How to deal with acrylic products dirty?
Sep 29, 2017

Acrylic as a new type of materials flooded the market, one of the advantages of green environmental protection, compared to ordinary glass or plastic is more safe and more durable, so this is also the reason for the rapid development in recent years. Plexiglass acrylic materials in the hotel, exhibition, home and advertising signs and other industries have been widely used.

Acrylic material commonly used to bring a large number of acrylic products have been used, so some of the problem of acrylic is also surfaced, such as: Acrylic products dirty how to deal with it?

1. Can not be used rough cloth to wipe, wipe a long time will have scratches and fog off, to use cotton or velvet cloth dip toothpaste have patience, and then rinse with water, will be more polished.

2. If the surface is only dirty, you have to rinse with water before using the white oil to wipe.

3. If it is the phenomenon of scraping flowers, we must use professional polishing machine polishing.

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