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How to glue acrylic products?
Sep 29, 2017

Acrylic products are increasingly widely used, lightweight, inexpensive, weathering, light, environmental characteristics are generally accepted by everyone, with more and more people use acrylic products, it is closely related to our life, then how to glue acrylic products?

Plexiglass glue. This glue is colorless and transparent liquid, suitable for light box and plexiglass font bonding, not easy to degumming, sticky place is very beautiful, the seam is not obvious.

Chloroform (methylene chloride). is a very strong corrosive solvents, with a proper amount of chloroform solvent drop coating on the adhesive surface, exert a certain pressure, acrylic plate will be dissolved, the solvent will be cooled to achieve solidification bonding. is a very commonly used acrylic plate bonding method.

Acrylic UV without Shadow glue. For the small area of acrylic bonding, bonding strength is high, often used in glass crafts, bathroom mirrors and other glass products industry.

Japan imports Glue. This glue is colorless and transparent resin glue. Specially used for thick plate docking and fish tank bonding. The advantage is the stitching seam is transparent, the seam is not obvious, the bonding strength is high.

Glass glue. The main ingredient is sodium silicate. It is suitable for gluing and sealing materials of plexiglass and other substrates. such as: Toilet makeup mirror, hand-washing pool and wall gap, etc., sticky relay is very strong.

There are 502 other strong glue can also be bonded.

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