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The maintenance method of five kinds of acrylic products
Sep 29, 2017

Acrylic products use more and more widely, all walks of life are useful to acrylic products, acrylic products Although easy to use, but if not pay attention to the maintenance of the words, very easily to make acrylic products damage, then, how do we maintain acrylic products? How to remedy after injury?

1. Avoid high temperature. Acrylic products in 70 ℃ or so will deform, 100 ℃ above will soften, peacetime use as far as possible to avoid contact with high temperature.

2. Clean water. No special treatment of acrylic products is easy to scratch, so for general dust directly with water rinse can be, if the oil is available soap water cleaning.

3. Acrylic products hardness equivalent to aluminum hardness, very easy to scratch, when used to protect the surface as far as possible. If you use a long time no longer bright, you can use polished wax to wipe.

4. If scratches, wear is not very serious, you can directly use toilet paper or cloth with a small amount of toothpaste to wipe. or polished with polished wax.

5. If the acrylic products damaged, you can use adhesives and other bonding, do not use any particle-like cleaning agent scrub, so as to avoid wearing the surface of the product.

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