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Acrylic Display Lightbox Advertising Lightbox Introduction
Jun 27, 2018

Also known as Acrylic, the chemical name is methyl methacrylate, which is a high-purity organic glass plate, which is made of acrylic plate with high surface finish and strong outdoor UV resistance. Generally high-purity acrylic colored plates are placed outdoors for 8-10 years. Will not fade. Since its birth in the United States in 1942, it has been widely used by all walks of life. In advertising, due to its many advantages, it has become a kind of high quality advertising material. Since 2002, Regal acrylic plastic light boxes have begun to emerge in the advertising industry. In fact, the blister sign had existed a few years ago and it is not new. In spite of this, the plastic light boxes at that time were just "local methods". There were no such high-purity acrylic plates as before. Only poor organic glass plates were used, and there were no more specifications and dozens of types than current ones. Different color plates. Today, Acrylic Blister Lightbox production has become a modern production product that has been computer-aided design, professionally processed and produced by a mechanized production line, completely overcoming the “soil method” processing conditions that had no scale in the past, no quality assurance, and no benefit.

In the past two years, the application of Acrylic Blister Lightboxes and its rapid development. Among them, "McDonald's" and "Rich" have played a good role in the application of plastic light boxes. The acrylic plastic holistic marking system at each petrol station of Sinopec has been applied to display the blister light boxes of terminal manufacturers in major mobile phone manufacturers. While creating good advertising benefits, it also promoted the promotion of acrylic plastic light boxes. Now it can be seen that Acrylic Blister Lightbox has become another new highlight in the advertising production industry following the neon, inkjet, and engraving.

There are several reasons for this momentum: l. The market itself has a lot of demand space. 2, Acrylic plastic light box itself has the characteristics of high grade, regardless of day and night are beautiful, elegant and impressive, with a strong visual impact. 3. Both the acrylic light box and the acrylic channel luminous characters have flexible and diversified expression forms. Through creative design, they can also express the unique personal characteristics required by the customers, especially after a period of time, the overspray of spray paintings has spread over the streets. During the stage of eye-catching light box cloth, both public and professional customers are expecting high-grade, stylish and new advertising performance means. Acrylic plastic light boxes adapt to or meet this demand to some extent. 4. As an advertising production enterprise itself, the production of acrylic plastic light boxes has a large profit margin in the industry, and the investment in acrylic production equipment of 70,000 to 100,000 yuan is relatively small.

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