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Acrylic Products Processing 9 Major Processes
Sep 29, 2017

1, open the material: to get the acrylic to be squatting acrylic open machine on the plate cutting molding, here to first clear the size of the acrylic to be processed? have been able to accurately open material to avoid the luxury of materials.

2, Carving: acrylic sheet after opening, and then in accordance with the shape of acrylic products to require the initial carving of acrylic board, so that it becomes different shape of the product appearance.

3, punching: The processing steps need to be based on the needs of products, some acrylic processing into products when the need to small hole, so it is necessary to have the acrylic products for drilling operation.

4, Polishing: The first few steps after finished, half finished acrylic is more rough, beautiful degree not up, easily scratched hand. Polishing techniques need to be processed, polishing can be divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire throw. Various polishing methods are needed according to the different products.

5, trimming: The front of the opening of the acrylic cutting and carving processing, semi-finished products of the edge of the plate is more rough, it is necessary to the edge of the acrylic part of the finishing process, here need to use the trimming machine.

6, paper: Never material acrylic surface has a layer of protective paper to prevent transport wear. To this end the finished product processing need to put the surface protection paper 掑 off.

7, Hot bending: to the acrylic plate processing into different finished products, it is necessary to pass the hot bending process to make semi-finished products Yacliges curved into different product shape, there are hot bending method is divided into local thermal bending and the overall thermal bending of the distinction, complete process please find Yacliges bend technical data.

8, Screen printing: Some customers will put forward this request, after the acrylic finished product to screen printing, or the company's logo, or some of the propaganda language will use this step, and the screen printing method can be divided into monochrome silk screen and four kinds of silk screen.

9, bonding, Packaging: Finally, acrylic products are part of the assembly to complete the shipment before the finished packaging. This is also the last process flow of acrylic products.

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