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Display Props In The Commercial Display Space
Sep 28, 2017

In the modern commercial display space, the application of the display props is more and more valued by the consumer brand, because the display props can help the merchant to divide the commercial space, coordinate the business environment, be advantageous to create a good commercial shopping atmosphere, the consumer shopping experience is more enjoyable, and the display props also has the prominent brand culture, displays the brand image function , in the commercial Super Retail terminals are widely used, such as jewelry counters, cosmetics shelves products display, mobile digital products display, shop windows and other fields.

Because the display focus on visual communication effect, you can say that acrylic in the commercial display props are used to the extreme. The first is because the acrylic material itself high transmittance is more likely to attract consumer attention, followed by acrylic easy processing plastic, can be combined with products and brand design a variety of styles and modelling.

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