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Dongguan Acrylic High-end Cosmetics Display Stand What Special?
Jun 25, 2018

Acrylic is indispensable in the cosmetics counter. What are the special advantages of acrylic high-end cosmetics display racks?

1, personalized customization: the current era is the pursuit of personality, fashion and creativity! Then acrylic glass-like transparency, excellent processing performance, and a wealth of plate color, provides personalized conditions for the acrylic to provide favorable conditions. Dongding Advertising can customize your own creative acrylic picture frame for your personalities. It has a collection of Acrylic desk calendars. It is a chic new material for you to print extremely meaningful photos and make desk calendars.

2. Acrylic's stable physical properties: It is also assured that the processed acrylic products can be made hundreds of times. It is not like other mixed hardware materials, wood, etc., it is easy to be deformed, fade for a long time or it is not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Acrylic's ability to resist high and low temperature deformation is strong, which is one of the important characteristics of acrylic used in the outdoor advertising industry.

3, various styles: Acrylic is not only rich and easy to color the plate, the more important is the hot bending performance is good, you can use cutting, sawing, drilling and other tools on the acrylic board profiled processing. Flexibility is relatively good. Under normal circumstances, the acrylic sheet will not crack, so the style of Wuhan acrylic products is also very rich.

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