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How To Clean The Acrylic Display Stand
Jun 25, 2018

How to clean the Acrylic display stand? 

Dongguan Acrylic display stand custom processing, choose Dido display, ten years of focus so more professional, advanced equipment technology, professional custom free design, high quality, welcome to sample or processing, Custom consulting:

Acrylic display processing is the most common type of display display item in daily life. It can be seen in all major supermarket shopping malls. Its display frame makes the product look more attractive and attractive. The customer's eyes are bright and colorful and impressive, which increases publicity and has a positive effect on the sales of the store.

You can always see all kinds of Accra display stands. They are brightly colored, with soft light and many colors. They look very beautiful. Then everyone in daily life knows how to clean Accor products such as Acrylic display stands. What? Let's take a look with Xiaobian:

Acrylic display stand can be cleaned with a soft cloth 1% of soapy water can be easy to take care of clean, soft cloth must be wiped clean soft cloth, wipe after a clean or change When cleaning, do not rub repeatedly on the surface with a dirty cloth. This will damage the product.

Acrylic display surface hardness, do not use hard objects to scratch the surface, easy to draw and beautiful performance and transparency will drop a lot, acrylic products production custom selection Dongding display, professional quality and trustworthy, imported materials are more guaranteed !

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