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PMMA Chemical Name Is Polymethyl Methacrylate
Jun 26, 2018

PMMA chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. Important optical plastics, good overall performance and optical performance, transparency comparable to optical glass, almost no visible light absorption of full-wavelength light, light transmittance of >91%, good gloss, light and strong, good moldability , Chemical resistance and weather resistance, the disadvantage is that the surface hardness is low and easy to scratch, water swelling, can be used as optical lenses and industrial lenses.

PC polycarbonate impact toughness (the first thermoplastic), high heat resistance, cold resistance is also very good, bending, tensile strength and nylon, high elongation and elastic modulus, dimensional stability Good performance, wear resistance comparable to nylon, corrosion resistance, high transparency, but easy to crack. Commonly used to make gears, bearings, colorless transparent PC can be used to make aircraft, car windshield

Pet is not high temperature, boiling water will be hot after the solution orientation wrinkle, generally used to make Coke bottles and the like, pc belongs to engineering plastics, resistance to temperature, impact strength, toughness should be much better, drinking fountains, VCD discs are the material.

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