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The Advantages Of The Three Major Acrylic Products
Sep 29, 2017

Acrylic products used in all walks of life, especially handicrafts, gift industry, as well as product display props industry, we can see acrylic products play a huge role. So what are the advantages of it?

First, personalized customization. The pursuit of the current era is personality, fashion creativity! Then acrylic crystal-like transparency, excellent processing performance, as well as the rich plate color, for the acrylic personalized customization provides a favorable condition! You can personalize your creative acrylic photo frame, with commemorative meaning of the acrylic desk calendar, for you to print extremely authentic wedding, personal photo and other meaningful photos.

Second, acrylic stable physical properties. Let you on the processing of acrylic products is also reassuring hundredfold. It is not like other mixed hardware materials, wood and so on, easy to deformation, time has long faded or not acid and alkali corrosion. To know acrylic's resistance to high and low temperature variant ability, this is also one of the important characteristics of acrylic used in outdoor advertising industry.

Third, the style is diverse. Acrylic not only plate rich easy to color, more important is the thermal bending performance, you can use cutting, saw, drilling and other tools on the acrylic plate for special-shaped processing, flexible toughness is relatively good. Under normal circumstances, acrylic plate will not crack, so the style of acrylic products is also very rich.

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