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The Attention Of The Later Maintenance Of Acrylic Products
Sep 29, 2017

1, acrylic products in the continuous use of the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees, because ordinary acrylic plate thermal deformation stability around 100 degrees, so avoid acrylic high-temperature deformation.

2, in the use or acrylic processing should be careful to avoid scratches on the surface, acrylic products are equivalent to the hardness of aluminum, very easy to scratch, if the scratches can be recovered by polishing the original gloss surface.

3, in a slight scratch or due to electrostatic absorption of dust caused by the acrylic products blurred or unclean can be dipped in 1% of soap water in the soft cloth with the cooperation of the wipe clean.

4, because acrylic plate has a certain expansion coefficient, so in the installation of the time must take into account the factors of acrylic plate, in the assembly must be left with the space gap expansion. This is in the acrylic product assembly process need to pay attention to the details.

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