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The Reason Of Brightness Of Acrylic Luminous Characters
May 29, 2018

1. The number, type, light output, color, wavelength of the LED, and the position of the LED in the light box. 2. Materialacrylic board transmittance, light reflection, light absorption, and diffusion factor; 3, font sizeSize, light box thickness and reflectance factors used in paint or other materials attached to the interior of the light box; 4, light absorption - fonts internal LED and electrical devices affect the light; 5, maintenance - light output intensity will increase with the use of life and font inside the accumulation The effect of dust diminishes.

Acrylic luminous characters to make note: First, the choice of acrylic sheet First, the import board; Second, the Taiwan-funded board; Third is the domestic board, the difference between them lies in the raw material production area and (MMA) purity, is to determine the acrylic A chemical material that can meet the needs of businesses, improve the level of business stores, the best choice to unify corporate image; Second, the working voltage Acrylic series of luminous characters at the same time also need to pay attention to LED module voltage and switching power supply voltage consistency; Firmly affixed When installing the LED module, use double-sided adhesive or wood glue, so that the module slot and the plastic spliced baseboard firmly affixed, when the use of double-sided adhesive can be added when the glass adhesive, or in the sun for a long time Under irradiation, it will cause the module to fall off, if necessary, to fix it with screws; Fourth, the length of the wire The length of the power line of the acrylic series luminous characters is as short as possible (it is recommended not to exceed 3 meters), is greater than or equal to 18AWG#, more than 3 meters should be appropriately increased line Path; Fifth, the use of the environment When using outdoor water, pay attention to the series of measures, slot Word to be good waterproofing, Working temperature: -40 ~ 80 ; Humidity: <75% (long-term), <90% (non-permanent)

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