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What Impact Does High Temperature Have On Acrylic Products?
May 28, 2018

Trust We all know that a physical knowledge is called thermal expansion and contraction, and that all things in the day are affected by temperature, and only vary in size. What changes will happen to acrylic products after they are heated? The following is a brief introduction for us by Xiaoye of Hongye Display Products Company.

1. Hardness Excessively high temperatures will cause acrylic and acrylic surfaces to soften and the hardness will naturally decrease.

2. Extensibility As the temperature increases and acrylic softens, the structural characteristics of acrylic will change and the elongation will decrease.

3. Influence of Poisson's ratio The higher the temperature, the higher the Poisson's ratio of finished acrylic products.

The above are some changes after Acrylic was heated, and we hope to help us.

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