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What Is The Benefit Of Cigar Wooden Boxes For Cigars?
May 29, 2018

The first: cedar wood can deworm. Yes, there must be eggs in every cigar, and those worms do not like the taste of cedarwood, so they will not split the wood and turn your home into a colony of tobacco beetles.

Second: Cedarwood has strong water absorption and can help absorb excess moisture in the humidor. However, there are many other tropical rain forest plants, and their water absorption is also quite strong.

Third: It can bring more cedar wood flavor to the cigars. For example, if you like the taste of cigars with cedar wood, store the cigars in a container with cedar wood. The cigars will have more scent of cedar wood. If you like the taste of paint, put the cigar in the paint can. The scent in the container slowly penetrates into the cigar, so what kind of taste the cigar will have in your cigar container.

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