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Why Do We See So Many Acrylic Display Shelves In The Cosmetics Store?
Sep 28, 2017

1, acrylic display frame has a significant display function. Acrylic material transmittance is high, with acrylic made of acrylic display frame is very appreciative, display and display is the most basic function of acrylic display frame. For such as Parking Leia, Olay, Shiseido in all have a chain of big brand, the use of a unified design style of acrylic display stand more conducive to product publicity display, more professional, more standardized.

2, acrylic display frame helps to enhance brand awareness. Can be in the acrylic display frame above screen printing logo or advertising patterns, this will help brand promotion, enhance visibility, acrylic cosmetics exhibition stand not only can display products, but also produce advertising effect.

3, acrylic display frame to help increase sales. Good acrylic display rack can improve the grade of cosmetics, a novel design acrylic cosmetics display can improve the exposure of cosmetics, thus driving cosmetics sales, some of which have such a story, some customers buy cosmetics, even fondle admiringly even cosmetics display rack to buy away, This is why the vast number of cosmetics businesses are keen to use acrylic display shelf products.

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