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Custom Polygonal Wood Health Gift Box

Product Description Product Specifications: Can be customized Transport method: Air transport Packing: white box 5 watts in the packaging Outer box material: 5 watts standard foreign trade box Packing number: 50PCS per box Preservation Tips: Protected from moisture, stored at room temperature...

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Custom Polygonal Wood Health Gift Box

Packing box material: MDF board veneer

Logo Process: Engraving

Color: Can be changed (press Pantone color card)

Size: can be changed, can be customized, can be set (made) to do

Product use: general packaging, professional packaging

Lining: EVA paste fleece, foam, other

Packaging: Pauli plush plus button box, Pauli plus plus opp bag, Paul Lee plus heaven and earth cover box, etc., optional.

custom wood health gift box_2.JPG

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