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Antique Wooden Cigar Humidor

Enjoy luxury and enjoy the noble! Now hot ordering in progress! High-grade light cigar wooden box, full of high-grade style, send relatives, friends, clients, colleagues, classmates, etc., Business gift value doubled! Can be customized according to customer requirements of various material colors, or to sample custom!

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Antique Wooden Cigar Humidor


The environment in which cigars are preserved is not a constant value, but an interval. For example, humidity, the theoretical value is 70%. However, there are 60%, and 80% faster. For people who smoke cigars, humidity is also a personal choice. Some people prefer relatively moist cigars (sweetness is reduced), while others prefer relatively dry cigars (breathability is better). This look at personal preferences, generally if the cigars to be adjusted during the period will be a little wet.


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