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Buy Good Quality Wooden Humidor

According to the customer's requirements and the combination of the product's process characteristics, rationally arrange the layout of the materials and the sequential production of each process, so as to save materials, reduce costs, and ensure quality.

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Buy Good Quality Solid Wooden Humidor

When I got the cigar box, the inside of the cigar box was actually very dry. So when you get the cigar box, don't worry about putting the cigar in. First, do internal cleaning. Some cigar humidors still have wood chips left on them. Wipe them clean with a clean cloth (do not wipe with water, the water will penetrate into the inside of the cigar box); then add the water or moisturizer to the humidifier and put it in the cigar box. One or two days inside, the humidity of the cigar box is increased and stabilized; then the cigar is placed in the humidor.


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